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Localisation is much more than translation; it requires an adaptation of the content in regards to cultural and linguistic aspects of the target market. Because we encounter online content and software on a routine, daily basis, they need to feel as familiar as going to a favourite restaurant.

  • Software: Applications are becoming an essential tool in our everyday lives. Their utility is enhanced by adapting them in localised versions.
    We offer a wide range of localisation solutions where our software engineers master all the processes, from content extraction to image solutions.


  • Online help: Every online tool or piece of software comes with a help or FAQ section. For users to fully understand this information and be capable of using the application properly, it is essential for the tools and the online help to use consistent terminology. We offer tailor-made solutions that guarantee consistency and also include help compilation and technical debugging.


  • Website: Your website is the window through which your clients see you: the first indication of your brand identity. Users will largely form their impressions of your company image based on what they see there. The content should therefore be localised so that it delivers the message in the way you want it. GIB Consult can help you make the localised version of your website exactly what you are looking for. Whether the website is developed offline (HTML, XML, etc.) or involves a CMS system, GIB Consult will deliver a localised version that can be seamlessly integrated into your system(s).