When delivering a service such as translation, we always aim for the premium quality our clients deserve. But how do we do this?

Our translators are carefully-selected native speakers with a proven record. They are specialists in their fields. To us, they are not just suppliers, but partners: the first link in our quality chain. We develop a bond of trust with them, so that together we can communicate openly and be confident that everyone is 100% committed to every project.

Every translation is checked by means of a carefully-developed QA process (ISO certified), which includes continual evaluation, QA checks and post-mortem assessments.

Terminology management is essential in our processes. For each project, wherever possible, we create and update a database of terminology, question the terminology used, and check it directly with the client if necessary.

Through our partnership with SDL — a leader in translation and terminology software solutions — we offer our clients the benefits of services streamlined by the best practices in translation technology. This means that our team can manage, store, update and work with the content we translate in a consistent environment. This not only reduces cost, but also reduces the time needed to deliver the localised products.