Message from the CEO

“After contributing to the development and growth of GIB Consult for nearly seven years as a devoted Project Manager, I now have the honour of being the owner and CEO of this company, which aims above all to be friendly, flexible, and efficient.
My dearest wish is to keep providing our clients with the excellence they deserve, whilst also breathing new life into the business.

I believe that effective communication is the key to making connections between people. That’s why I want to keep the human touch right at the heart of our company culture.” Cyril Heukmes

Our mission

We guide you through every stage of your translation projects with bespoke language services, to satisfy all your requirements with unique consultancy services built on 20 years of experience. The result: your content is localised and shared with your target audiences, whilst remaining faithful to your values and your identity.

Our unique assets

  • Our unique expertise allows us to translate ideas from one language to another, and therefore also from one culture to another, without affecting the original meaning of the content. Because the content you create represents your values and your identity, it is essential for the translation of your content to convey a consistent company image across all media. This will enhance your credibility in the long term.
  • Our experienced, certified project managers and our network of specialist native translators are your guarantee of faultless communication with your audiences all over the world.
  • Our expertise dating back more than 20 years and our innovative technological processes allow us to provide you with high-quality translations with a quick turnaround and at very competitive prices.

Our commitment

GIB Consult has been striving for excellence since 2003. In a constantly-changing sector, our company has succeeded in reinventing itself to keep pace with the market and remain a reliable partner for all translation projects. We guarantee exceptional quality, which makes us one of the most highly respected translation agencies in Belgium.

Contact us today! We will be delighted to assist you in developing your projects!

With GIB Consult, you will reach all your markets with a contextualised, impactful translation, whilst preserving your identity.

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