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We offer a vast range of top-quality language services to satisfy all your requirements. Our team handles everything: extracting the content, preparing the files, managing and liaising with the teams of specialist translators, and final delivery of the turnkey product. Contact us for further information!

 Specialized Translation

We are experts in the production of specialized translations. A specialized translation requires the services of specialist translators with expertise in the relevant sector and extensive knowledge of the terminology used in the field. We offer specific, professional translations in every possible combination of languages and in the following areas of expertise:

Banking and finance
Information technology
Construction machinery
Human resources
Technology (Supply Chain, optical recognition, industrial communication products)

 Sworn translation

Our sworn translations of official documents (legal, academic, administrative, and personal documents) are carried out by experiences and competent sworn translators, registered with a court of first instance, who certify the legal conformity of the translation with the original document.


By adding more impact to your messages, you increase customer engagement! Our copywriting service provides you with creative translations in the language of your choice. Each message is personalized to suit your target audience, while retaining the original meaning, ensuring impactful global communication for you!

Applications, softwares and websites

These days, it is essential for companies to cultivate their online visibility in order to reach an international audience and enhance their credibility. Our custom solutions guarantee high-quality content for all your software and websites, perfectly suited to your audience, and fulfilling three essential conditions:

  • Localisation:This discipline goes far beyond mere translation. Our specialist translators make sure to adapt your content, incorporating the local preferences of each target audience and taking the various cultural and linguistic aspects into account.
  • Technical consistency: For optimum use of your software, our custom solutions guarantee state-of-the-art technical consistency. We use consistent terminology both within the tool and in the corresponding online help materials, whilst incorporating help compilation and technical debugging functions.
  • Brand image: The content you share on line gives your customers their first impression of your identity and affects your image. That is why it is essential for your content to be perfectly localised, whilst respecting your company values and identity and providing an optimum user experience.

Whether your content is developed offline (in formats such as HTML, XML, JSON, properties, etc.) or based on a CMS system, we can provide you with a perfectly localised end product that integrates transparently into your systems.


We add professional-quality subtitles to your videos, films, presentations, or any other visual media to make them accessible to a wider audience. The combination of our expertise with our extensive network of specialist native subtitlers, who handle the translation and creation of time codes, guarantees quality subtitles that mesh simply and perfectly with all your video files.
We can also embed the subtitles, to provide you with a ready-to-use product.

Dubbing / Voiceover

Video, images and sound are excellent means of communicating with your target audiences, marketing your products, and raising awareness of your brand in the native tongue of your client base. Whether you need sales videos, e-learning modules, or films, we satisfy all your requirements by making a wide range of professional narrators available to you.


We offer professional transcription services to convert your audio and video files to text format.
Whether you have videos, films, podcasts, interviews, meetings, or lectures to transcribe, our team of qualified and experienced transcribers will provide you with high-quality transcriptions in the language of your choice.

 Multimedia / E-learning

E-learning is a fast-growing phenomenon. We can assist you with the professional adaptation of your teaching, training, or awareness programmes in any multimedia format: audio and video transcription, voiceover, subtitling, localisation of graphical content, animation, and videos.

Document layout (DTP)

No more tedious copy-and-paste operations! We process your files directly in their original format. When the translation is ready, our DTP operators make sure the layout of the translated document is a perfect match for the original document so that we are delivering publication-ready content.

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